Borderless Captivity Open House 2-24-15   Recently updated !

BORDERLESS CAPTIVITY: THE MODERN FACE OF SLAVERY There are roughly 27 million slaves in the world today, bringing slaveholders and traffickers about $150 billion in annual profits, a criminal enterprise that rivals only arms and drug trafficking. These images by acclaimed photographer Kay Chernush are intended to put a human face on the statistics and […]

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MSU Global Innovation Corps

By Jerry Rhead, MSU Global Director of Academic Entrepreneurship. The close of 2014 brought to an end two of the first four inaugural MSU Global Faculty Innovation Fellows projects. Dr. John Spink’s Food Fraud Initiative and Dr. Jeff Grabill and Dr. Julie Lindquist’s project to investigate teaching writing online and at scale will come to a […]

Bought & Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking with Kay Chernush 3-17-15   Recently updated !

In addition to her exhibit in the MSU Global gallery, Kay Chernush will have a series of images on display at the MSU College of Law, where she will appear on March 17, 2015 to speak about the re-consideration of the commodification of human beings and the de-humanizing social interactions that make it possible for […]

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Join Team Global: We’re Hiring an Experienced Instructional Designer   Recently updated !

Please spread the word – MSU Global is seeking an instructional designer/ user experience designer to be located in East Lansing, Michigan. This is a 12-month academic specialist position. You can view the complete Curriculum Development posting and apply on the MSU Applicant Page. Search for position #0752. This position supports the entrepreneurial activities of the University […]

Crossing Borders Exhibit Open House 1-20-15

CROSSING BORDERS features select pieces of Dylan Miner’s work from two projects that are influenced by Indigenous history and culture. They explore themes of collaboration between art and community, while prompting us to think about how we can become active participants in building a better society.

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Crossing Borders: Interview with Artist & Activist Dylan Miner   Recently updated !

DYLAN MINER is a border-crossing artist, activist, and scholar. He is Associate Professor in the Michigan State University Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, where he coordinates a new Indigenous contemporary art initiative and is adjunct curator of Indigenous Art at the MSU Museum. Miner’s exhibit, CROSSING BORDERS, opens in the MSU Global Gallery on […]

MSU Global Announces New Innovation Fellows   Recently updated !

MSU Global brought several Faculty Innovation Fellows on board starting this January 2015 – some are new, and some are ongoing collaborators that we are formalizing in the Fellows program. Stay tuned for more information about their projects in early 2015. Want to know more about our Innovation Fellows program? Read more here. Jeno Rivera, […]

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A CMS trombone student listens as his instructor plays a passage.

Changing the World through Storytelling

In this interview, Kurt Stepnitz, Senior Photographer for MSU Communication and Brand Standards and current MSU Global Creative Fellow, talks to editorial intern Stephanie Hernandez McGavin about “the global problems faced by people every day and what MSU is doing to fix them.” His exhibit, The University Photographer: Behind the Camera at MSU is on […]